Sculley: Digital health is poised for breakthrough on the scale of the PC

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Former Apple and PepsiCo CEO John Sculley envisions a breakthrough for digital health that will be on the scale of what the personal computer did in decades past.

Speaking at the Digital Health Live conference in Dubai last week, Sculley, who now is a venture capitalist with stakes in several healthcare startups, said that consumers will lead the forthcoming shift.

“We’re just at the early days today… like what it was like in the tech industry when personal computers were becoming practical and functional and [people said] ‘Gee, they really are going to be important,'” Sculley said, according to a report from Al Arabiya News.

Cloud computing and the growing affordability of analytics technology is shifting power from “large incumbent companies in industry” to consumers, added Scully, the only person ever to fire Steve Jobs.

“The commoditization of technology is making it possible to offer digital health services,” Sculley added in this short video interview posted by conference organizerNuviun.

“We’re at the very early days of consumer digital health. The technology is just becoming possible to do some amazing things. It’s becoming affordable, but not many people know about it,” Sculley said. He also offered the inevitable comparison to Uber, the startup company that is disrupting taxi monopolies worldwide.


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