How to Build a Billion Dollar Business with John Sculley

| Entrepreneurship, Global Business

When someone takes a business from 800 million to 8 billion dollars, that’s a pretty big deal. He has worked with some of the most prominent names in any space from high tech to consumer packaging. In 1987, he was named Silicon Valley’s top-paid executive, with an annual salary of US$2.2 million. Mr. John Sculley joins us to tell us all about how to build a billion dollar business.

John is a businessman, entrepreneur and investor in high-tech startups. Sculley was VP and President of Pepsi-Cola, until he became CEO of Apple Inc. in 1983 – a position he held until leaving in 1993.

John tells Ken how he had “no idea that it [the personal computer] was going to literally be an industry that would change the world.” John tells us all about Apple before he got there and what it was like taking a company that was already successful to a whole new level (an 8 billion dollar level). John tells us all about Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and their vision. He explains how different it was working at Pepsi than in the Silicon Valley at Apple.

John Sculley is recognized worldwide as an expert in marketing, in part because of his early successes at PepsiCo, notably his introduction of the Pepsi Challenge, which allowed the company to gain market share from primary rival Coca Cola. He used similar marketing strategies throughout the 1980s and 1990s at Apple to mass-market Macintosh personal computers, and today he continues to speak and write about disruptive marketing strategies. Sculley is currently invested in and involved with a number of high-tech start-up companies.

Check out this interview and John’s book Moonshot!

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