Former Apple CEO John Sculley is working on a startup that he thinks could become bigger than Apple

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by: Anna Mazarakis and Alyson Shontell via: John Sculley is the former CEO of Pepsi and Apple. He was brought on by Steve Jobs to be the then-young founder’s “adult supervision.” Sculley started his career at Pepsi driving its trucks and eventually became its CEO. He stayed at Apple for 10 years, and had a tense relationship with …

Former Apple CEO John Sculley’s Message to Tim Cook

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Watch the latest video at <a href=”//”></a> As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off, former CEO John Sculley discusses future trends in technology and what advice he has for current CEO Tim Cook Developers, tech experts and industry leaders are headed to the Silicon Valley for Apple’s (AAPL) weeklong annual Worldwide Developers Conference. On Monday, …

How former Apple CEO Sculley helped usher in the personal computing era

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via: Justine Brown In the past four decades, computers transformed from enormous, intimidating machines to personal devices that are a fixture of the workplace the home — and the body. Consumer demand sets the pace, with buyers vying for faster, sleeker and more powerful devices. But to keep up with the rapidly changing industry, companies and their …

Fmr. Apple CEO Sculley on How Lantern Credit Utilizes AI

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Lantern Credit Vice Chairman John Sculley, former CEO of Apple, discusses the future of artificial intelligence in the financial tech industry. He speaks with Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Technology.” (Corrects spelling of guest’s name in headline.) (Source: Bloomberg) via

Now is the Right Time for a US Healthcare Moonshot

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American ingenuity working with the US military turned radar into a decisive practical navigational system that helped the Allies win WWII. American ingenuity working with NASA created the Apollo moonshot telemetry guidance system that became the foundation of our digital economy today. There is a long tradition of private sector innovation and the US Government …

How Former Apple CEO John Sculley Reinvented Himself In Health Care

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Whatever happened to John Sculley? He’s now a health care entrepreneur who wants to make the industry more efficient. Let’s consider the curious legacy of John Sculley. He’s known best for something that happened 31 years ago, when Sculley, then CEO of Apple, sidelined Steve Jobs, which led to Jobs’s exit from the company he …