A Conversation With John Sculley, CEO Of Apple, Pepsi And Now An Investor In Killer AI Platforms

| Entrepreneurship

John Sculley is often thought of as one of the best CEOs of the late 20thcentury, a leader of Apple and Pepsi. But in his second career as a super-angel investor, he’s having arguably as much influence today – though quietly — through his investments in startups including Zeta Global and Rx Advance.

His entrepreneurial bets – he often helps establish companies that need big cash to start – is drawing attention as some of those headline-shy companies are breaking into the spotlight by dint of their sheer size.

Sculley was the CEO of Apple for 10 years, credited with the financial turnaround that grew the company to $8 billion in revenue (He also famously clashed with Jobs). Before Apple, he was the CEO of Pepsi, credited with the Pepsi Challenge – which changed a Coke-centric market into a duel.

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