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Amazon and Apple Getting Big Into Healthcare Won’t Be Easy: Ex Apple CEO Sculley

Apple and Amazon have been rumored to eyeing bigger pushes into the healthcare market. Former Apple CEO John Sculley tells TheStreet such arrivals won’t happen so easily. Watch Video

Why Former Apple CEO John Sculley Still Isn’t Using an Apple Watch

Former Apple CEO John Sculley enjoys his gadgets. TheStreet sat down with Sculley in a wide-ranging interview, and of course what tech devices he is currently using came up. One product he isn’t using is the Apple Watch. Watch Video

Crash in FANG Stocks Coming? Probably Not, Says Former Apple CEO

Tech stocks have been on fire this year. That is especially the case for the group known as the ‘FANG’ stocks, or Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google. Former Apple CEO John Sculley tells TheStreet he sees further gains ahead for these top tech names. Watch Videos

Microsoft Is a Completely Different Company: Former Apple CEO John Sculley

Microsoft has been reborn under CEO Satya Nadella. That is a key point that hasn’t gone lost on former Apple CEO John Sculley, who thinks Nadella has done a remarkable job. Watch Video

Pepsi’s Former CEO Would Be Amazed If Kids Are Drinking Regular Soda in 20 Years

The soda industry has gone through its fair share of beatings over the last ten years, leaving many to wonder about its future. TheStreet sat down with former Pepsi CEO John Sculley to get his thoughts on the future of soda. Watch Video

 Apple Has One Thing Keeping It From Being a True Innovator: Former Apple CEO

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is quick to praise the company’s latest round of products. But, he points out a key issue that many Apple investors should think about. Watch Video

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