Big Data Is a Big Deal, and Here’s Why

| Technology

Most business people have heard the term “Big Data,” but they do not know why it’s such a big deal. It is a big deal, one of those disruptive innovations that I often talk about that is changing our lives dramatically.

Don’t Do Safe! Why Innovation Isn’t Always Disruptive

| Technology

Everywhere I go, someone is on a Samsung or Apple mobile device. A few years ago, I first started seeing people on planes working on their iPads; today I see iPads at every meeting I go to. More and more, I see Samsung Galaxy S3s. I’ve seen a lot of Surface advertising and I’ve had a hands-on try of a Surface several times at one of the many Surface demo booths.

Thinking about Apple’s Pricing Strategy

| Marketing, Technology

Pricing strategy is one of the most important marketing decisions. Here’s a little history on how we thought about pricing in the early days of the Mac, which may help marketers understand how Apple might be thinking about pricing in the post-PC era. The early Mac had a higher COGS (cost-of-goods-sold) than the MS.DOS PC. …

Telehealth as an Epiphany Moment

| Health Care, Technology

Doctors were among the last adopters of personal computers, but everything changed with the advent of wireless tablets and smart phones. Doctors love their iPads and iPhones. So do consumers. Timing is everything for information technology to be disruptive. We may be at an epiphany moment. Epiphany moments have happened before. Consumer banking (ATM and …

Apple TV Will Be Game-Changer, Thanks to Wi-Fi

| Technology

According to a study by investment banker Needham & Company, an iPad processes 3.2 times more mobile data than a smart phone, while a mobile laptop PC processes 22 times more mobile data than a smart phone.  The reason has little to do with the processing power of mobile devices.  It’s because of the limited …

Everything Is Going Mobile

| Technology

John Duffy, 3Cinteractive CEO, and I did a round of PR interviews a couple of weeks ago. Duff is a telecom serial entrepreneur who has built a pretty neat company, a profitable and high-growth mobility platform service that doesn’t depend on advertising for its business model. I’m sharing the 3Cinteractive story because it’s an important …

Will M2M & Mobility Become Health Care Game Changers?

| Health Care, Technology

International Data Group forecasts that there will be 20 billion wirelessly connected devices by 2020. Today, there are 7 billion people on our planet and 5 billion cell phones. How will this be possible? Answer: M2M M2M is machine-to-machine technology. In the 1990’s it enabled high-frequency trading, and some hedge fund managers became billionaires. Things …

The End of Permanent Jobs . . . for Some

| 21st Century Jobs, Technology

I’ve been observing for some time an emerging phenomenon regarding temporary work. For some, temporary jobs actually may become their preferred career. If adopted broadly, this trend can have a huge uplifting effect on employment and our economy. Here’s why. As any CEO will tell you, “uncertainty” is a powerful determinant of when to invest, …