Catching Up With John Sculley About His Book

| Higher Education

Earlier this week, I had a call with John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple. I have known John since he joined Apple and, during his time there, had many conversations about his leadership role at Apple and the vision he had for moving the company forward. During his tenure at Apple, he drove sales from $800 million to …

John Sculley Tells How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business

| Global Business

It’s about recognizing that customers, not product developers or service providers, are now in control of commerce. John Sculley may be 76 years old, but he doesn’t live in the past or moon wistfully for its return. In both his book, “Moonshot!” (Rosetta Books, 2014), and an interview with CFO, the storied former chief executive …

Digital health to follow path of PC revolution, says former Apple boss

| Health Care

Digital health is on the cusp of a revolution similar to that witnessed when the personal computer went mainstream, according to the former chief executive of Apple and Pepsi-Cola. John Sculley, the marketing maven who famously clashed with the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, says the use of technology in medicine …

Digital Health Live 2015 – Kick Off & Day One

| Health Care

Friends, What an honor! John cutting ribbon at Grand Opening of Dubai Digital Health Live 2015 with His Excellency Essa Al Haj Al Maidoor, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority. Quite an amazing event! This city is on the cutting edge of all the latest in health and medicine. View Full Article

Former Apple CEO John Sculley speaks to us! @ MWC 2015

| Technology

John Sculley is still a massive Apple fan, uses an iPhone 6 Plus I had the opportunity to meet John Sculley, marketing visionary, ex-CEO of Apple, ex-President of Pepsi Cola and Founder of Obi Mobiles at Mobile World Congress 2015. Among other things, Mr Sculley gave us a few insights into the way technology is …

Former Apple CEO, John Sculley, Predicts Next Tech Breakthroughs

| Technology

John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi-Cola and Apple Computer, spent his career working alongside visionaries like Steve Jobs. This week on The Costa Report, Sculley spoke about his new book Moonshot!: Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses, and shared his insight on where the next big breakthroughs are likely to come from.