John Sculley, who turned around Pepsi and Apple, has a new cause

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The 80-year-old executive is now trying to solve the problems of America’s health-care system — and inspiring students to help change the world As a marketing manager, John Sculley developed the so-called Pepsi Challenge, which enabled the company to gain market share from Coca-Cola. In the 1980s, Sculley ran Apple — and had a famous …

Former Apple CEO John Sculley On Exponential Time, And Living To Be 115

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via: It’s been more than 25 years since former Pepsi CEO John Sculley was forced out of his leadership role at Apple in October 1993 — ending one of the most scrutinized business relationships in American history. The 79-year-old former CEO of what briefly became America’s first trillion-dollar company has been keeping busy. “I’m 79, but …

There will be increased awareness of how much innovation in health…

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John Sculley, RX Advance chairman and former CEO of Apple, joins ‘Squawk Alley’ to discuss how the healthcare industry is going to change following the midterm elections. There will be increased awareness of how much innovation in health care industry, says John Sculley from CNBC. Via

Former Apple CEO On What He Taught Steve Jobs And Can Teach All Of Us

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As one of the founders of Apple, now the world’s first trillion-dollar company, Steve Jobs was the quintessential entrepreneur. He proved that having a passion for solving problems, working tirelessly, and paying attention to what people want are some of the main ingredients for success. Even when he started, Jobs was open to the idea that …

John Sculley on China, Tariffs and Technology

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  In the 1980s, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., brought on board a new CEO, , a successful business leader from New York who moved to Silicon Valley to help the company spread the word about the new Macintosh. Read Full Article

10 CEOs and top executives reveal their best leadership secrets

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Former Pepsi president and Apple CEO John Sculley says you have to stay insatiably curiosity throughout your entire career. John Sculley: “I kept observing — when I was working in bottling plants, resetting shelves in supermarkets, out on the trade, talking to other Pepsi bottlers, observing, thinking, asking questions, you know. Why is it done this …