Advice on Growing a Small Business from Former Apple CEO John Sculley

| Entrepreneurship

“I believe we are entering an unprecedented era for major new business opportunities. While I have always been an optimist, I think this is the most exciting time in my life to be in business.” —John Sculley Sculley is a well-known entrepreneur and business leader, having helmed both Pepsi-Cola and Apple. He was involved in …

There’s a Thin Line Between Success and Failure

| Entrepreneurship

The mission of every entrepreneur is to solve a big customer problem with a “better way” solution. If it were easy and obvious then big company incumbents would probably already be doing it. Experienced entrepreneurs have learned that often the best ideas come from interpreting the same facts in a different way – seeing something …

Full STEAM Ahead at Palm Beach State College

| Entrepreneurship

I spoke a couple of weeks ago to 250 students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and other members of the community at Palm Beach State College, which has launched an initiative to prepare young people for the millions of technology-related jobs we are going to need in the next decade.

Reconstructed Reality Revealed

| Entrepreneurship

After an Audax Health Solutions board meeting last week, Rick Klausner, Nick Augustinos and I had a stimulating conversation at lunch that got me thinking.

Nick told us a story he had heard about someone in 1941 who vividly remembered that he was at a baseball park watching a MLB game when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The problem was, there was no major league baseball game being played on December 7.

More on Turkey: The Role of Women

| Entrepreneurship, Global Business

My total immersion week in Turkey in September left me with a wealth of impressions about that country’s future in our global economy, especially in the context of trends that will be important when considering foreign investment decisions. The bottom line is that Turkey is an amazing country of talented, hard-working, and ambitious people. As …

Singular Experience at Singularity University

| Entrepreneurship, Technology

I returned recently from an intensive, energizing three days at Singularity University, a unique educational concept founded in 2008 to, as the school’s mission says, “assemble, educate and inspire a new generation of leaders who strive to understand and utilize exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.”

I experienced several “aha” moments in the company of a very well-informed faculty and a very technology-aware audience.